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I am Hollywood-Design

What I Do


I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below.

Concept Design Star Wars Fan Art

Concept Design Star Wars Fan Art

Gallery, Model Making, Photo Design, Photography
Concept Design Bad Corvette

Concept Design Bad Corvette

Gallery, Model Making, Photo Design, Photography
Violent Street Mercedes

Violent Street Mercedes

Gallery, Model Making, Photo Design, Photography
Real Cars & Girls

Real Cars & Girls

Gallery, Photo Design, Photography
This is Sparta!

This is Sparta!

Gallery, Model Making, Photo Design, Photography
Digital & Manual Illustration

Digital & Manual Illustration

Gallery, Illustration

About Hollywood-Design

I am a professional creative located in Regensburg, Germany. Versatility is my middle name.

Visual & Photo Design

Studying  a wide range of creativity I developed even more skills as I gained costomers from different sectors with different requests.

Photo - Graphic - Design

Today I can get involved in interdisciplinary tasks. Suggesting and implementing holistic solutions is a core competency.


Service, Performance & Skills

My quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Stiefenhofer-Design is happy to assist you with know-how and experience in
every aspect of creative direction.

Creative Counseling

Talking about what you and your company need.

Contributing Ideas

Together we bring some great ideas to life.

Making a Plan

Reinventing solutions that fit to your needs and budget.

Realizing Dreams From A-Z

Concepts, shootings, advertising, graphics & a lot more.

Creating Great Results

Customer satisfaction is a top priority.


A handful of skill is better than a bagful of gold

I believe in a close cooperation with my clients to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Learning it from Scratch

As soon as I could walk I was keen on doodle on every paper my mother gave me. Illustration was my little world.

Running like a Golden Thread

Kindergarten, school, convent school, army, studying – painting was always my favorite occupation.

Becoming a Graphic Designer

1998 I finally got my diploma at the University of Applied Sciences in Nürnberg, Germany.

A New Hope & Home

To find a job I was moving from Landshut, my hometown to beautiful Regensburg in 2000.

Allrounder in Creativity

Since then I gained experience in painting, illustration,
model making, screen & webdesign, graphic design, advertising, text, concept, art direction, photography, digital imaging & google business shootings (>600) .


What i do best

Each completed project makes me even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more ideas and at least some more Tigergreen Bagels. As a result i deliver a more comprehensive set of creative results.

Photography & Photodesign
Concept & Imagination
Graphic & Screen Design
Google Business Photos
Model Making & Styling
Art Painting
iPad Pro - Pencil Drawing

Hollywood-Design is a Division of Stiefenhofer-Design

Harald Stiefenhofer is a qualified communication designer and a trusted google business photographer.